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The Commercial and Tax Division of the High Court of Kenya is currently piloting the judiciary e-filling system before roll out within the course of this year. The system accessed at is designed to facilitate:
a) Electronic registration
b) Electronic payment
c) Electronic case search
d) Use of an electronic court calendar and
e) Electronic service.

The efiling system provides for self-filing as well as assisted e-filing at the registry. Self-filling is permitted for Law firms, organizations, state departments and individuals filing cases in the division will be required to sign up for an account on the system. Information requested at sign up include name, ID number for individuals, email, mobile number, postal address and physical location for service purposes. The system is currently being polited by the Commercial division. Case documents are to be uploaded in PDF format.

The system is developed to register new case, allocates case numbers, assess the documents filled, generate a bill, provide payment options, reconcile your invoice with your payments and provide access to all documents filed over the lifespan of each case registered. Though the system is designed to facilitate filing of all documents electronically, there are some documents that cannot be filed electronically. These include criminal complaints, written plea summons, cases involving children wills deposited for safe keeping and any documents filed in parental notification bypass proceedings.

All documents filed electronically are deemed filed upon payment of fees at the date and time recorded by the system. In case you file a wrong document, upload the correct document and mark it as a correction of the earlier document and then reach out to the Deputy Registrar for deletion of
the wrong document. All filling errors are currently being addressed manually by the Deputy Registrar of the Commercial and Tax Division.

All queries and issues with accessing or using the system should be addressed to the Deputy Registrar of the Division.